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Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

just if...

see the light from your eyes that shine to my heart..
hear the voice from your mouth which like the song you sing..
feel your smooth skin under my hand feel like i hold the water..
i can smell you from here and feel like i sit beside you..
and i want to taste your smooth lips..

like the drug,
you are so addicted for me..
always make me more more and more want you..
it's so hard to make me free..
no, i can't,

i can't free from you cause i'm not want ,,
cause i addicted to you and i love it..
my brain was ruined by your drug,,

i hope i can hold you forever with my hand
keep you always beside me..
but you like the water, i can't hold you..
if i try to do that what happening then is just make me sodden..

i hope you here with me now, and forever..
please, this is too hard to stop the poison

7 komentar:

  1. ben to ah!! hmmft..
    iri ya?
    iri tu lbh kejam dr membunuh hlo!!

  2. hmm.. padune tekne ono water e we ndik koe ki..

  3. dika: padune tekne ono 'water' e we..hmm
    nisa: siapa yg sinting???

  4. uhh... ( baca postingan q sing ingin jatuh cinta )