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Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

I was Crazy and Depressed! WATCH OUT!!

You left me alone, right here!
I was crying alone every night,
Every time, you're in my mind
Ruined my brain cells
Made me a little crazy!!
Oh, I didnt know,,
May I've been crazy before,
I was depressed baby..
Do you know that??
It's cause of you, all of this!]
I just don't understand yet..
Why you do this to me???

I really want to take revenge to you!!
Watch Out!!

5 komentar:

  1. kenapa kau seperti ini sih meg,
    seperti bukan kau saja

  2. seperti orang bodoh saja..
    (follback yow gamb.,)

  3. hwehehe,,
    kpy emang nis?

    yo ndik..

  4. hahaha.. mega kangen beraat.. :p